HJC H10 SA2020 Helmet



This product is on backorder and will ship when available.

The follow-up to the popular HJC AR-10 III Helmet, the HJC H10 packs the same great features that are ideal for all levels of competition. Equipped with HJC's ACS (Advanced Channeling Ventilation System), the helmet includes two top-front vents, two chin-bar vents, and two rear exhaust ports, combining to flush out heat and humidity and keep your head cool in even the hottest conditions. The redesigned interior is covered with a soft fire-resistant, moisture wicking fabric to help keep things cool and dry. Pre-installed with Hans-compatible M6 terminals for easy installation of your head and neck restraint, and available in White or Flat-black colors.
Rating: Snell SA2020
Hans Anchors: Not Included (M6 Threaded)
Weight (MED Size): R17
Shield Style: HJC
Part Number: HJCH1020
Manufacturer: H10Wxx

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