G-Force GF1 Open Face SA2020 Helmet


$199.20 $249

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G-Force's classic open-face GF1 helmet is now available in a feature-loaded SA2020 design. The lightweight fiberglass and Kevlar composite shell contains G-Force's G-79 interior liner that is based on the proprietary Conehead Technology. This technology is designed to compress laterally, using tuned cones of multiple densities, resulting in a greater load spread. The liner is then covered by a soft knit, hypoallergenic, flame retardant liner for comfort and fit. This liner is more comfortable and cooler then years past to help eliminate one more distraction for the driver.
Rating: Snell SA2020
Hans Anchors: Not Included (M6 Threaded)
Weight (MED Size): n/a
Shield Style: n/a
Part Number: GF13002
Manufacturer: 13002xx

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